I often disciple people to obey the words of Jesus when he says, “Look at the birds…look at the flowers”. He says this specifically to those who are anxious about their lives and needs.
Here is a story from Eric. During a time of anxiety, he took time to look at nature and had this experience:

I felt the Lord ask, ” What do you see?” I said,  “The trees.”

He asks,  “What state are they in?” I said,  “Rest, they are at peace, tranquil, reflecting the light & flowing in the wind. There is no sign of panic.”
In this questioning from God, I find myself worrying about my wife’s grandma and another friend who do not know Christ. I feel anxious about the need to evangelize them, and I feel the Lord ask, “You have been quoting two verses about not being anxious or troubled. You have been repeating these to yourself, and now I ask, ‘Are you anxious?’ Yes. ‘Are you troubled?’ Yes. You have a choice to obey my command to ‘not let your heart be troubled’ and also to ‘not be anxious for anything.’”
It finally clicked for me, and I let myself not worry. He instantly asked me how I felt, “Lighter, at peace.”
He said, “Does how you feel match what you see?”
I respond, “Yes; I feel at peace, at rest, light, alive and flowing in the wind of the Spirit.”
He said, “This is a divine feeling caused by a divine attribute you can visibly see in nature.”
He then asked me, “Do you see anything heavy and not at rest?”
“Yes; the road, the cars, the houses, the sound of the fan from the air conditioner…”
He said, “These things are man made and not divine.”
His creation is full of beauty and wisdom and power to transform!!!
Are you anxious today? Go and spend time in God’s creation and let His message of love break the power of anxiety and worry and fear.