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Our first LoveWorks seminar in Los Angeles ended with a woman weeping at the altar. She expressed her desire for the message of God’s Love to be taken to Japan and that she would work to open those doors. Six years later, her faithful pursuit had opened a beautiful door into Japan. Thank you Mari Oyama.

Excellence. Focus. Diligence. Order. These are some of the powerful things you discover in Japan. It is beautiful. It captivates you and shows you the reality of what men and women can do.

Exhaustion. Materialism. Fear. Secrets. Shame. Death. These are also present and can be discovered beneath the beauty of the glorious Japanese culture. They are literally destroying the people as the culture is in peril due to its death-rate. From the words of Japanese people –  ”Japan needs Love”.

Peace. Joy. Love. Freedom. Life. This is what Christ invites the Japanese to receive from Him. LoveWorks has planted seeds of powerful life and hope in Tokyo, and Osaka. We have connected with some amazing teenagers who are passionate about the Kingdom of God reaching the Japanese. The Holy Spirit also bonded our hearts with two significant translators: Aiko Hollands and David Kajiwara have served us in profound ways and we are grateful for their open hearts and partnership with us.

LoveWorks has deeply touched lives and begun a process of becoming rooted in the beautiful Japanese people. Japan is loved.

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Japan is an amazing nation with a deep heart cry for God.  We discovered a deep sense of honour among the Japanese that translates into a profound expression of worship when focused on Christ.