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LoveDefined is a transformational journey into the fullness of God’s nature and your own identity as HIs child. Join us and discover the fullness of your purpose in life and ministry – to know God’s love and to make disciples.

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LoveDefined is a transformational process that empowers and trains the student to engage God’s love. Jesus said, “As I have loved you, you must love one another.” This is not an option for believers. The transforming power of Christ’s love meets us in our weakness, need, and failures. When we receive this love, it transforms us. Jesus then commands that we love others in the same way. We have discovered that many leaders and church goers say they value love but they don’t know how to choose love whenever they face tragedy, unfairness, loss, hatred, rejection, or a myriad of other negative life situations. Instead of love, they choose anger, hatred, fear, worry… and other deeply negative responses. It is impossible to create or build the Kingdom of God if we operate through fleshly motivations. It is also impossible to experience freedom in our life without engaging the love of Christ in the midst of our own struggle and pain. It is right here in these places that we must intimately know and be confident of God’s love so that we can also give it away and see The Kingdom of God dynamically at work in us and through us.

LoveDefined is a process rooted in the definition of love as found in 1Corinthians 13. This is the revelation of the power of God. It is the revelation of God’s nature! It is redemptive power that transforms us – empowering us to love others as Christ has loved us. And when we walk in it – it is the evidence that we know God according to 1John 4:7. “Beloved, let us love one another, for love is of God, and whoever loves has been born of God and knows God. Anyone who does not love does not know God, because God is love.” There is a serious declaration about those who don’t love – they don’t know God. That’s God’s measure for knowing Him – that we love.

LoveDefined is 13 sessions. It follows the rhythm of the Kingdom of God:
1. Receive God’s Love
2. Give God’s Love away

We show this rhythm through Christ’s example and commands in scripture. We illustrate these commands through our own stories of obedience. We show you by our example that Love can be chosen in the midst of terrible things such as betrayal, unfaithfulness, rejection, loss, hatred, murder, divorce, prostitution, gender confusion, addiction and any other place of darkness. Love can lead us out of dark places. Love can bring us divine wisdom and transform our lives and the lives around us. Love can redeem dead things and bring new life.

Why does this matter? Because Jesus prophesied that the love of most will grow cold in the last days. Too many will choose spiritual power over love, knowledge over love, ambition over love, Church growth over love, and it will be to their own destruction. The only way to ensure that you are not a part of this terrible falling away is to intentionally choose love. Focus on engaging Christ’s love everyday and in every moment. This is our purpose.

But you must know how to choose love if you are going to practice it daily. Join us and prepare your heart to encounter the depths of God’s love for you, to abide in Him and empower you to stand in the love of God in life’s painful situations and relationships and see the Kingdom of God manifest and bring glory to God!

ISOM LoveDefined Sessions -
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ISOM LoveDefined Sessions -
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