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Weyman and Susan Howard are the founders and creators of the inspiring LoveWorks Seminar and the very powerful discipleship course called InnerRevelation>OuterRevolution. This was developed as a result of finding Christ’s love in the midst of their impending divorce and incredibly broken and pain-filled lives; miraculous life came not through magic but through the practice of receiving and giving God’s unfailing love.

Like many, Weyman and Susan were raised in church but were never discipled to receive God’s Love or clearly taught how to give it away to others. This basic neglect of Christianity’s premier goal: To love God and to love others, led to a religious, busy life with good intentions but ultimately could not give them the power they needed to overcome life’s great troubles or even sin.

The Father, who loves his children, met them in their despairing lives and challenged them to follow Him. Obedience to Love, empowered them to confront their broken and sinful lives, and discover the miraculous power of Christ to heal and restore them.

Love gave them the courage to face adultery, betrayal, sexual abuse, pornography, murder, and even the rejection of the church. When no one stood beside them with a word of hope, the Father tenderly met them and called them to Himself. Their story, of miraculous life, is an invitation from the Father to anyone who will dare to follow Him into radical life.

Weyman and Susan have four amazing and beautiful children. They presently live in San Diego, California. They minister the healing power of Christ’s love across the nations.

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