LoveWorks: Denmark

Århus Valgmenighed [AVM] is a Danish Lutheran Church which is connected to the Danish National Folkirke. This church has a great vision of establishing strong leadership and new churches within Denmark. Presently, they have four churches in other parts of the country which are proclaiming the Good News of Christ. AVM has two services on Sunday; a morning worship which is mostly attended by families and a late afternoon worship which is predominately university students and young career adults.

We have partnered with this church under the leadership of Keld Dahlman. We have flourished under his favor and have discovered this fellowship actively pursues the Kingdom of God while overcoming cultural boundaries and weaknesses. They are a vibrant reality that the church is alive in Scandinavia – home to the ancient Vikings. The Spirit of God is moving upon this land!

The discipleship course InnerRevelation>OuterRevolution has been taught in several cities around the country of Denmark. This course is designed to build intimacy with the Father and also with one another. It is a 13 week process of discovering the profound ways that God loves us and challenges us to give that same love to others. This radically transforms lives, marriages, churches, and communities.

We began missions in Denmark in 2002, and as a family moved to Aarhus in Western Denmark in 2005.  We lived in Denmark until 2010, and still return once a year to continue ministering to the Danish community.

Check out the LoveWorks Denmark site in Danish!