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Interested in booking a LoveWorks event for your church or organization?

We have offered the LoveWorks material now for 20 years and have enjoyed seeing it grow and affect more people than we have been able to count.  Having been translated into five languages and more on the way, we’ve also been able to present LoveWorks in over a dozen countries.  As the core of the message is on receiving God’s love and then giving it away, we’ve seen the message continually become tailored to any number of specific topics where God’s love is needed to bring restoration, new life and transformation.

The LoveWorks Seminar

One Day/Evening, Two Days, or any size teaching to fit your events need

I Corinthians 13

Discover in this seminar the Love that Never Fails

LoveWorks in Marriage

Marriage is a divine mystery, it is the reflection of the way Christ loves the church.

For Husbands and Wives

Love is eternal, powerful, adventurous and passionate.  Learn the steps to build the marriage you’ve always wanted.

Women's Events

Susan Howard leads women to discover their purpose, power and destiny

Build Something Beautiful

Women were created for the glory of God.  Discover the beauty and power of that journey.

Loveworks in Leadership

Reclaiming the Biblical path to leadership through serving in love

Leading in Love

Leadership without love = nothing.  Be empowered by the Biblical guide to authentic leadership and authority through raising up sons and daughters in the love of God.

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